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Within reach.

A visit to East Sweden is exactly that. Within reach. With Linköping and Norrköping we are able to meet the demands of a big city, while at the same time we are small enough to feel that everything we need is still a conceivable distance away. We are that close!

East Sweden is situated in the middle of the Nordic triangle, Northern Europe’s most important transport corridor, and is ranked as second best in Sweden when it comes to logistics. We have easy access to all four modes of transport with two international airports for sending you out into the world, and quickly back again.

We are also very proud of Linköping University. A university that is not afraid to cross traditional subject and faculty boundaries. Here, innovative thinking is the norm. Companies are created and develop in close cooperation with the competency of the university.

Industry and trade flourishes with a dynamic range of both large and small companies. The cultural activities on offer are worthy of a big city. Symphony orchestras, regional theatres. Restaurants and clubs. Concerts and festivals. We want you to enjoy yourselves when you live here, and when you visit us. Around the corner there are dense forests, rolling hills, vast plains and a beautiful archipelago. These can also be worth a visit. Perhaps combined with a conference. Perhaps forever. East Sweden is within reach.
Within reach of experiences and opportunities. Close to you.